Root Cause Analysis Course Designed for Non-Engineers

Root cause analysis training for non-engineers covers the thoughts driving root cause analysis philosophy. Likewise this energetic magnificence will display the individuals the techniques and equipment engaged with root reason analysis.  Root reason analysis training for non-engineers facilities across the conventional and non-designing utilizations of root reason analysis, for example, clinical services, lab quality, commercial enterprise measure, deals, showcasing, and so forth.

Added Value / Philosophy of Root Cause Analysis :

  • Every trouble is an possibility for improvement
  • It is vital that everyone receives concerned in enhancing quality
  • The “right” trouble ought to be diagnosed earlier than any motion is taken
  • All individuals concerned in figuring out the trouble need to be focused, free-minded, relentless, and patient


  • Quality scientists
  • Healthcare managers and supervisors
  • Medical, microbiology, chemistry, and genetics lab managers
  • Regional managers
  • Franchise managers
  • Hospital personnel
  • Business owners
  • Marketing and sales people
  • All the individuals who are involved with problem solving


  • Root Cause Analysis Overview
  • First Step: Learning How to Solve the Problem in Action?
  • Exploring the Causes, All of Them
  • Gathering All the Relevant Information and Evaluate Them
  • How to Evaluate the Collected Data?
  • Dealing with Human-Based Errors.
  • More to Do with Data
  • Brief Introduction to Statistics
  • Management Impact on RCA
  • Executing the Chosen Solutions
  • Hands-On Workshop Sample
RCA For non engineers