Aviation RCA (Root Cause Analysis) Training

Aviation RCA, Root Cause Analysis Training. It’s not a surprise that RCA is widely used in aviation industry.

Aviation RCA Training

In these days, RCA plays important role in aviation industry. To perform scrutinize analysis, the aviation experts are keen to apply this methodology. Repetitive audit and investigation findings are most often the result of misidentifying “symptoms”. This mis-identification & failurity most often leads directly to unwanted re-occurrences or incidents.

Participants can understand the relationship between underlying causations and the multiple symptoms. Gain the  proven methodology for assigning risk levels.

The root cause analysis (RCA) process is widely used to perform an investigation to identify adverse incidents. However, it may not be able enough to reduce the risk of recurrence as effectively as intended. Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) is well known methodology to adapt a risk prioritization and reduction process.

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