FTA Training, Fault Tree Analysis Training

FTA Training. FTA provide a tool that focuses on failure modes one at a time. systematic approach to problem-solving, troubleshooting and identifying a failure’s root cause using a diagram.

Operational managers, maintenance directors, and reliability engineers use fault tree analysis to identify potential causes of equipment failures before actual breakdowns occur. The primary benefit of fault tree analysis (FTA) is the analysis provides a unique insight into the operation and potential failure of a system. FTA provides organizations with easy, scalable, and sustainable ways to deal with asset and system failures. When used effectively, it’s a powerful tool that can help an organization optimize its maintenance costs.

Industries that use fault tree analysis:

  • Aerospace, aeronautical, and defense operations
  • Power generation and system safety
  • Cybersecurity system analysis
  • Specialty chemical manufacturing
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Environmental study and disaster management

The Fault Tree Diagram

This flowchart provides a visual framework of events proceeding equipment breakdowns. Organizations draw a series of logical deductions starting with the asset failure then trace back to the root cause.

Situations, Where To Use Fault Tree Analysis

Generally, the maintenance leaders use fault tree analysis in a variety of situations, including:

  • Analyzing safety concerns in a facility
  • Designing and installing new systems
  • Making modifications to existing systems
  • Implementing existing system designs in a new environment
  • Investigating regulatory concerns
  • Optimizing maintenance costs within an organization

Learn  how basic events, often made up of failures at the component level, could lead to a hypothesized failure of a system. Learn how fault tree analysis (FTA) is used in  system engineering and analysis practices such as reliability, maintainability and safety.

FTA Training Topics

  • Basic Concepts of System Analysis
  • Analyze a Simple System using FTA
  • Fault Tree Construction
  • Basic Rules for Fault Tree Construction
  • Probability Theory
  • FTA example

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